911 Contact Card

911 Contact Card
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The 911 Contact Card is an emergency contact card that demands immediate attention no matter how cluttered a wallet, purse, backpack or glove box. It is a simple-to-order and affordable “must have” item to ensure the people who really matter most can be contacted in an emergency situation, or that we may be contacted if they need us.

Features of the 911 Contact Card are:

  • It’s Always available, unlike ICE contacts on your cell phone  which could be unavailable if your phone is password protected or damaged
  • Fire-engine-red sides clearly identify it as an emergency contact card
  • Can have as many as 4 emergency contacts
  • Has the cardholder photo, something most contact cards lack
  • Will not wear or become illegible even if it accidentally gets wet
  • Made of durable PVC plastic just like a credit card and printed using heat to transfer dye onto the card

Each card purchase includes:

  • Your Personalized 911 Contact Card
  • Sticky backed card sleeve should you decide to place it in your glove box
  • (2) 911 Contact Card stickers to place on your car, (behind the rear view mirror is a great option)

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